May 2024


Technogym, a global leader in fitness and wellness technologies, has launched the 2024 edition of its acclaimed "Let's Move for a Better World" campaign. This initiative is a call to action for individuals worldwide to embrace active lifestyles, accumulate MOVEs - Technogym's unit of measurement for physical activity, and make a positive impact on society. The campaign's core mission is to combat obesity, raise awareness about the importance of fitness, and foster social engagement.

Co Fitness, a prominent fitness facility, actively participated in this global movement by offering a diverse range of classes and activities. On March 12, 2024, participants at Co Fitness were immersed in Yoga, LesMills Body Combat, LesMills Body Jam, and LesMills Body Pump classes, catering to various fitness preferences and enhancing the overall wellness experience.

Sponsorship for this initiative encompassed ISkin Aesthetic, Lifestyle Inra, and Manna Organics. These key supporters were joined by a group of influencers who had actively contributed by crafting and disseminating content specifically for Yellow Day at Co Fitness. Their involvement in the campaign went beyond mere promotion; they had taken proactive steps to inspire positive change and foster a better world through their creative initiatives and actions.

The 2-Week Journey Of "Let's Move For A Better World" At Co Fitness

During the two-week campaign, Co Fitness members enthusiastically participated in various fitness challenges, group workouts, cardio workouts, and wellness activities. The atmosphere was filled with energy and motivation as everyone worked towards a common goal of accumulating MOVEs - using Technogym cardio equipment.

Participants engaged in cardio exercises, strength training sessions, and GX Classes to contribute their MOVEs towards the collective goal. The camaraderie and support among participants fostered a sense of community and encouraged everyone to push their limits and strive for personal growth.

As the days progressed, the MOVE leaderboard showcased the dedication and commitment of Co Fitness members, with Yi Shan leading as the top 1 contender. This dedication inspired others to join in and be part of this movement towards a healthier world. The friendly competition fueled motivation, with individuals setting personal goals and challenging themselves to achieve new milestones.

Social Responsibility And Community Engagement

The "Let's Move for a Better World" campaign went beyond promoting physical activity; it integrated social responsibility into the end-user experience. Gym members worldwide were encouraged to donate their MOVEs through Technogym's digital ecosystem, combining fitness with philanthropy. This initiative not only motivated individuals to stay active and fit but also supported charitable causes. Gym facilities that excelled in collecting MOVEs were rewarded with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment donations, fostering community engagement and a sense of collective achievement.

Through "Let's Move for a Better World," Technogym and Co Fitness not only promoted fitness and wellness but also demonstrated the power of community engagement in creating positive change. The event served as a reminder that small actions can lead to significant impacts, inspiring individuals to continue their fitness journey beyond the campaign. As the journey of "Let's Move for a Better World" came to an end, the spirit of unity and empowerment lingered on, motivating participants to stay active, support each other, and strive for a healthier future.

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