February 2024


In today's world, the pursuit of holistic well-being has become increasingly vital. We are ever curious to explore the challenges of exercise and it's captivating results. Last January 17, Co Fitness; a newly established gym that focuses on technology and community, came out with its first major event called: “Reset and Renew 2024” held in the RCBC Plaza Courtyard Hall.

This 1 day health festival featured an innovative program designed to help individuals discover the benefits of exercise. Bolstered by Co Fitness' sought-after GX classes in collaboration with the world famous Les Mills group exercise program, Reset & Renew 2024 aimed to jumpstart everyone's fitness resolutions that came in the new year.

Starting it right: The data and technology Co Fitness brings
Part of Co Fitness' mission is leaving nothing to chance, and therefore gathering accurate data is a must. Using the most advanced equipment in the Inbody 370s, Co Fitness gave access to this technology prior to the actual event. The up and coming gym brand already picked out strategic locations in the RCBC Plaza to help educate individuals of their body composition while inviting them on the actual day of Reset & Renew.

Mindfulness morning: YOGA
To begin the health festival, participants were invited to join Co Fitness' in house yoga instructor for a relaxing stretch session paired with the calming peace of meditation.

The fun begins:
Elevated heart rates were accompanied by heightened excitement during the occasion. Co Fitness offered fun physical challenges like the longest squat hold, high knees, and even push ups challenges in exchange of exciting sponsored prizes. Brands like Fitbar, ISkin Aesthetic Lifestyle, SIP Purified Drinking Water, Manna Organics, VitaBoost, and the RM Face and Skin Clinic were on the boat as well as they had their booths set up for free sampling/consultation. The Inbody 370s body composition equipment was also available for public use. It was a celebration of relationship between Co Fitness and its committed members, while also an inviting event for those who want to join.

Despite only featuring a 30 minute exhibition, The thrilling Les Mills group exercises of BodyJam, Body Combat, and BodyPump did not disappoint at all. The participants synced, sweat, and succeeded in finishing each heart pounding class. Exciting raffle draws in between classes provided a refreshing take on the traditional "water breaks". Every draw made the fortunate winners as if they weren't sweating it out just awhile back.

The night was capped off by a surprise appearance from Co Fitness official ambassador, Derrick Monasterio. The local celebrity bedazzled the crowd and swoon everyone in the area with his fantastic singing voice.

The event was not just about physical exertion; it was about capturing moments of joy, perseverance, and shared victories. Attendees documented their fitness journey through photos and social media posts, turning "Reset and Renew 2024" into a trending topic in the fitness community.

"Reset and Renew 2024" was more than just an event; it was a celebration of resilience, community, and the unyielding spirit of Co Fitness. As the echoes of energizing music and the cheers of participants lingered, it became clear that this night had etched itself into the fitness chronicles of Co Fitness.

Stay tuned for future events and we hope to have YOU with us. Scan the QR code below and claim your 3 day trial pass today.

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